Thompson Innovation is a full service Design, Management, and Integration Company.  Using over 24 years of experience in residential homes we are able to assist in your project to achieve extraordinary results.

-Project Design,  working together with draftspeople, architects and homeowners we are able to put together a project that will work for you as well as being a solid investment.  Using our services we combine your personal needs and preferences with what others look for when buying homes.  We use a holistic approach considering functionality, cost, and future desirability.

-Project Management, we work to coordinate all the trades necessary to complete a project from beginning to end.  With an independent vantage we are able to control costs, optimize schedules and insure the best end result possible.  As the boots on the ground our involvement smooths the project process

-Systems Integration, the homes of today can be very complicated with multiple systems working together to create efficient, comfortable and convenient living spaces.  We specialize in looking at the automation, entertainment, comfort and connectivity together.